The Day After!!!

So, this has been a roller coaster. My body cant decide if to be low or high..After one of the WORST days ever yesterday (MAJOR HEADACHE ALL DAY) shaky hands, blurry vision. Finding it impossible to focus, to even be outside my house. My body was discomposed and I had no control of it, I had no idea how to get it back. After drinking probably many liters of coconut water, eating as much fruits as I am allowed I was finally able to put it to a 'normal' level. Woke up on 114 anddddddd I got to ride my bike!!!!! It was so peaceful, I recharged myself with positive energy and motivation.

I really do not know what to expect tomorrow but I really hope is not another low day. I mean I can deal with them if I was allowed to stay in bed all day but guess what, that is not the case, I still have to get up and head to work, deal with customers and attend a two hour class after that... So being low does not really favorable me at all in any way. I am hoping and planning to ride my bike the days left for this week, my goal is to get back in racing shape as soon as I can, off course not pushing my body and always fueling it with what its asking me for. It's been hard, I am not going to sit here and pretend I got this, no... I brake down, I still ask why me.. But as days passed I find myself more and more deeper in this new life, connecting myself with other similar stories, reading , educating myself. I can't let this take away my dreams, none of them. At the beginning of this season I promised my boyfriend we were going to race and win Nationals, and guess what, that is still on my to do list this year. Nothing has change but the fact I need to carry my type 1 kit 24/7. I gotta take it day by day and surround myself only with the people that are going to help me rise again. It'll be hard, but one day I will be able to say, "Im racing for diabetes"


Extra Sweet was created with one purpose, to provide medical supplies to young kids fighting Type 1. With the high risk of complications due to unaffordable supplies, we want families to rely on us for resources.




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