The Comeback

Well.. Emotional Post coming up!

I was a nervous reck Saturday night, wanting to eat the whole fridge but I made sure I ate just what I needed to keep my levels on point. Had a good night sleep when the alarm finally sounded at 5:15am , I was already up, checked myself and I was perfect, still decided to go for carbs and scrambled eggs. (Just to make sure)

Got my stuff ready and we headed out. When we arrived to the race, Franco (BABE as most of my post say) helped me putt the stuff down while I went over to the registration tent, a lot of people were surprised to see me back. Geared up and started my warm up, my heart then was beating around 200 BPM, then questions started going through my head. Am I ready? Will I get dropped? Am I going to win? Is my level okay? I decided to shake it off and focus myself on having a good warm up.

5 minutes to go and whistle was blown to line up, this is it... Ready, set, GO!!!

Breath, pedal, breathe.. 20 minutes in the race, group is still together, but guess what.. I hear Franco scream "SENSOR IS NOT WORKING." With teary eyes I managed to put three gummy bears in my mouth, I rather be high than drop low because we still had 30 minutes to go. I was scared but I was feeling strong, I started to launch some attacks to try to split the group but they all failed. There was one strong sprinter in the group which I came down to the conclusion it would be a very hard finish. That was when Wendy and her teammate opened a gap, not my category so I sat down and let the others do the work, that was not my business to pick up. When I saw the strong sprinter I mentioned was working and getting herself tired I launched an attack with everything I had, I knew it would be now or never. IT WORKED, one less for the sprint. We kept the group together the remainder of the race, when I heard the last lap bell I felt I had nothing in me, my legs were wiggling and I was short on breath. I had basically given up.. Last corner before the LONG sprint finish I took effort from I do not know where, waited for the perfect distance got up the saddle and started to sprint. Last thing I remember was screaming as I passed the line FIRST!! I have proven to myself, that Racing with type 1 is a big battle but it is not impossible!

#hungryformore #racingwithdiabetes #refusetolose


Extra Sweet was created with one purpose, to provide medical supplies to young kids fighting Type 1. With the high risk of complications due to unaffordable supplies, we want families to rely on us for resources.




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