Releasing Anger

For a change, I left my bike parked and tried kickboxing.

One week in since my diagnose and I still have not been able to ride my bike. I set alarm every morning but I have had no luck, my low sugar keeps killing my ride. Believe it or not for a passionate athlete like myself, this is very hard. Being used to waking up at 4:30 and heading out for a two hour ride was the perfect way to start my day. But thats all part of this endless process. First week of insuline shots, sugar checks and stressing myself on what I should eat or not, I decided to attend a kickboxing class, well in fact my little cousin got ALL of us to try. OMG! was that hard, I sweated like crazy but I felt I let so much anger out of me. Maybe I hadn't noticed until I was so focused hitting the bag and just concentrated in doing every punch with strength. I managed to survived the whole hour (don't ask me how) but I did and I am so ready to go back! Obviously, after this soreness goes away!

Today I woke up to ride my bike, but my sugar said nop not today girl. I found myself thinking in bed at 6:30am. How hard everything is getting, my eye vision, my headaches, my energy. I just do not know how to handle all this, I know this all takes time and I really just want to get used to this new lifestyle. I know no one can do that for me but myself, and my biggest motivation is the AMAZING support team I have. I know in a couple of years I am going to happily be saying that I am kicking diabetes ass, but meanwhile I need to learn A LOT of things and I need to love myself more than any other day. I am taking it day by day and trying my best to maintain my normal life...


Extra Sweet was created with one purpose, to provide medical supplies to young kids fighting Type 1. With the high risk of complications due to unaffordable supplies, we want families to rely on us for resources.




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