Preparing My Body

April 13, 2018; Day two of this new life..

Today started a little different.. I am guessing it's part of this process. Woke up feeling pretty SH!*Y, worst than usual, and off course my sugar level had dropped to 50 so lower than the minimum for any human. Got up (slowly) sweating as if I had just biked for 100 miles, and yes I've done that before but that will come later. I was pretty happy I was able to put in some fruit sugar in me in order for it to go up a little, you may think why up if that is the main problem, well really low sugar can also be a HUGE problem, but it's a matter of time for me to start getting used to my body and my body to start getting used to the fact that its receiving insuline.


Extra Sweet was created with one purpose, to provide medical supplies to young kids fighting Type 1. With the high risk of complications due to unaffordable supplies, we want families to rely on us for resources.




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