Low Day!

Today has been pretty SH!T# day, had probably two hours of sleep in total. I kept waking up feeling nauseas with blurred vision, until I fully woke up around 4:30am my arms shaking and sweating, I knew I was low. Somehow got up and measured myself, yupp, lower than usual... 44

Managed to make it to the kitchen where I chugged a cup of orange juice and walked back to bed, sat down until I started feeling somewhat normal and was able to get some rest. Obviously, as expected woke up with the biggest headache, my head was pounding so hard I decided to skip the gym. Hopefully I don't have to skip my bike day tomorrow! That's another story, yesterday I was able to spin 40 minutes indoor, it felt AMAZING!!!! I am looking forward tomorrow's ride and rest day (day off work) I so need it.

For lunch, I packed a burger, BUT no bun :) instead I wrapped it in lettuce and added tomato, low fat cheese and avocado oil mayo! It was pretty good for a first time lettuce burger. On the other hand, I still need to find that perfect dinner serve that helps me during the night, 5 out of 7 days I've woken up with Hypoglycemia and it just takes so much energy away from me during the day, not everyone is able to understand me, sometimes I don't even understand my body. I'm still new to all this and it's still a bomb, everyday I try to listen more and more to what my body is asking for but it gets confusing and overwhelm because it keeps changing. I guess take it day by day and figure this new lifestyle.

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