Is it okay?..

Is it okay to cry? Is it okay to feel you really can't do this anymore? Where do you get strength from? Is it okay to breakdown and not be strong for once...

Because that is what is happening to me. Today I feel as weak as I ever felt, I can't find strength from anywhere, I cry every minute and I keep asking why. But why what? Diabetes has given me the opportunity to show myself how strong I am, to show everyone else and prove that being a type 1 does not limit you from anything, It has shown the true colors of every single one of those I called 'friends'. I'm not sure if I'll ever post this blog up to the public and if I do it won't be anytime soon, but I felt the need to also say this part of my journey. Nothing feels okay, I got four urgent low alarms last night, so nop.. no sleep for me, I hope I could turn off those alarm, ignore them.. Sleep through them, but that will be putting me in major risk. I know I need to take care of myself, that no one will ever do it for me but wanting to rest so bad after so many nights interrupted is pretty much the only thing I want right now. It's okay to feel exhausted, to feel with no energy and to feel pretty much wasted out, that is part of this journey and what really counts is how you pick yourself up. So I need to pick myself up, get my $H!T together and SOON because this doesn't affect anyone else but myself. I need to keep kicking type 1 ass so it doesn't keep kicking mine.


Extra Sweet was created with one purpose, to provide medical supplies to young kids fighting Type 1. With the high risk of complications due to unaffordable supplies, we want families to rely on us for resources.




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