Full Belly, Happy Heart.

I am no doctor, but I am a food lover.. Real food lover. No processed food, no artificial sugar, no fast food drive throughs. When I was diagnosed with Diabetes my A1C was a 13.8 yes, scary. One month ago I was able to accomplished something that not even my Doctor was able to understand how, my results came back to 6.1. Nutrition is the answer, apart from all the exercise, what you fuel your body has EVERYTHING to do with managing Diabetes.

The Doctor asked me how much insulin I take for a 1 FT Sub, bag of chips and a soda... In reality, no one should be having this as a meal, diabetics or non diabetics. In one meal you are taking way more carbs, calories, fat and sugar your body needs for the WHOLE DAY. So my answer was simple, 0.. why? because I wouldn't fuel my body with that lunch, or dinner. We are often told to maintain a normal life and to not stop eating what you were used to eating before diagnosed, off course the more insulin you have to buy the more money for everyone in America. What is the key? READ AND IGNORE all products that state they are sugar free, look at the label and learn to read it, sugar can have many many different names that you probably won't even know how to pronounce. Those artificial sugar can be storage where you won't see a sudden spike but it will come back later to hunt you. For example, sugar alcohols, for me takes about more than two hours to affect my glucose levels but once it rises up, there is no stopping. This post is not to tell you what to or what not to eat, but to inform you and knowledge that food is the power of a well maintain diabetes life. If you are looking to lower your A1C or simply control your levels, read more into the food your body is fueling from and realize the harm you are doing to yourself.


Extra Sweet was created with one purpose, to provide medical supplies to young kids fighting Type 1. With the high risk of complications due to unaffordable supplies, we want families to rely on us for resources.





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