1 down, a season to go.

This year, racing has a new meaning. I don't race to get a podium picture, or to get a medal I'll probably end up throwing out on my next move. I race to show the world Diabetes does not limit you from your goals. I race with a team of girls to spread awareness of Type 1 Diabetes. The last couple of weeks I've been really testing my mental strength and legs to finish workouts, feeling better and better I felt I was ready for the first race, yet did not mean I was not nervous. Not only did we raced at 12PM when Miami sun was hitting at its finest but I had something bigger to worry about.. to keep my levels in range. Warmed up and ate half of a fruit bar which I knew will get me a little higher but since it's natural it won't spike me up ridiculous. Lined up, finger prick myself and read 132, perfect!! Whistle was blown, I had my phone with me and my boyfriend and my dad keeping track of levels: "Hydrate" meant I was a little high, "eat" meant I was low. Two laps in, I decide to risk it and launched an attack that got me to a solo breakaway all race, I found myself digging that mental strength I've been working on and focusing on my breathing and pedal stroke. Each lap, the gap got bigger and I knew at that moment there was no giving up. Franco kept reminding me to hydrate so I knew I was probably around 200s, it was hot and windy which forced me to really hydrate myself at every lap. Three laps to go I see another rider bridging up to me, I slowed down when I saw she was almost there and took that chance to catch my breath. By then, I could hear my Dexcom alarm go off non stop but I still had no idea where I was. Two laps to go, I had a idea... plus I heard my dad say "do not dare to eat anything." I could feel my hands shaking while I grabbed the handlebar and my body felt it was shutting off, at that moment I was afraid. Last lap, I realized I had done the whole race alone, fighting strength, heat, wind, high blood levels, nerves and adrenaline.. and now sprint against a racer who represented USA in Worlds, meaning I HAD TO REALLY SPRINT THIS ONE, but I knew I did not had it in me by then. Last corner, got up to sprint and my body did not respond, my legs shut down and my arms were shaking to the point where I felt I was going to fall off my bike, I had done more than my body was capable of for the first race and I was proud of myself, took the decision to not finish my sprint and with teary eyes I told myself I had finished a hell of a race, in despite coming in 2nd. Got off my bike immediately and threw myself to the grass where my dad and my boyfriend were waiting with insulin, 385 was my sugar at that time and my hands were not capable of putting the needle in me and there I was more than grateful to have them both helping me and supporting me in this life journey. This one is for you babe, thank you for helping me show the world Diabetes only chooses champions.

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Extra Sweet was created with one purpose, to provide medical supplies to young kids fighting Type 1. With the high risk of complications due to unaffordable supplies, we want families to rely on us for resources.





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